28th February 2017

I also placed the Evacuee Video on Vimeo, see below:

Reviewed the Facebook Promotion Statistics today – see below:


Adding the Artist Statement about the piece that appears at the front of the book.

This piece explores the historical events associated with the evacuation of children from British inner cities during the Second World War. Many children were evacuated from Liverpool to towns and villages across the North Wales coast, including Caernarfon. Inspired by Hannah Hoch, the artist collected found objects from the era, reproduced photographs and propaganda materials to be used in the photo collage, A suitcase photo collage was created, brimming with memories from WW2 relating to the threat against Britain’s inner cities, the propaganda, and the experience of being evacuated from Liverpool to Caernarfon during this period. After reading many personal accounts of these events, the artist devised a collection of bi-lingual statements that appear to reflect the general sentiment felt by the evacuees, their parents and the prospective foster communities.

28th February 2017

Including the Press Release that I have written to be sent to the media by Coleg Menai marketing department.


Ten Second Year BA Fine Art Students from Coleg Menai are opening their first exhibition at Galeri Caernarfon on Friday 3rd March at 6:30 pm.  This diverse group of students includes an international student and several mature students.

Kevin Branchflower aged 59 from Denbigh, previously served in the armed forces for ten years, during which time he fought in the Falklands war in 1982. Like many other service personnel he experienced problems after the war, suffering a further traumatic experience in 2005 with the loss of his son at which point he decided to attend a painting and drawing course at the local college in Denbigh as therapy. On completion of the Coleg Menai BA (Hons) Fine Art, Kevin is intending to work with service personnel returning from war zones using art as a therapy.

Another mature student, Michelle Wright, aged 49 living in Rhuddlan, had aspired to start a Fine Art degree in her teenage years, but let this dream fall by the wayside when she took the advice of her community to ‘get a proper job’, spending her lifetime working in the software industry as a Technical Author. This opportunity to follow her heart and undertake the BA (Hons) Fine Art at Coleg Menai finally presented itself some thirty years later. She utilises her computer skills in her artwork, developing digital imagery and short videos. Ironically, experiencing word blindness as a result of depression has inspired her to use text in her artwork; using props she creates collage, digital imagery and short video productions. Her story carry’s the message that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.

Please come along to the Elfennau opening at Galeri, Caernarfon on Friday 3rd March at 6:30pm where you can see artwork from both Kevin and Michelle along with artwork from Simone Williams, Tiffany Pierce, Glain Roberts, Gwenllian Griffith, Hannah Mudd, Hannah-Sarah Suddaby, Sarah Ellen Burnell and Jasmine Pierce Dawson.

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