27th February 2017

All packed and ready for the exhibition.

26th February 2017

Started Facebook Promotion of Event today that runs between now and the 3rd March.

Taped up the back with White Gaffa Tape to add strength and further secure the stitching. Also appears more professionally finished.

26th February 2017

Stitching Finished – looking good and very happy with the result. Finalising the assemblage, attaching artefacts and generally touching things up.

21st to 23rd February 2017

Continuing with the stitching – this is going to take some time!

20th February 2017

Today I began to stitch my photocollage assemblage together using red leather thread. It’s very rough and ready, but I feel it does fit with the period of the piece.

18th February 2017

After receiving feedback from Helen, I adjusted the text in the video and recompiled it. Once the text had been adjusted, I then created and ordered a book to accompany the video. The PDF Book proofs can viewed here: I’ll Take That One Book Proofs

16th February 2017

I decided to take some time to reflect again on the influence behind this piece, and the artists Hannah Höch and Kurt Schwitters have repeatedly influenced my thinking over some time now.

220px-hoch-cut_with_the_kitchen_knifeHannah Höch was an important member of the Berlin Dada movement and a pioneer in collage.

Splicing together images taken from popular magazines, illustrated journals and fashion publications, she created a humorous and moving commentary on society during a time of tremendous social change


1942-43 [Difficult]
Schwitters in Britain is the first major exhibition to examine the late work of Kurt Schwitters, one of the major artists of European Modernism. The exhibition focuses on his British period, from his arrival in Britain as a refugee in 1940 until his death in Cumbria in 1948. Schwitters was forced to flee Germany when his work was condemned as ‘degenerate’ by Germany’s Nazi government and the show traces the impact of exile on his work. It includes over 150 collages, assemblages and sculptures many shown in the UK for the first time in over 30 years.http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-britain/exhibition/schwitters-britain

12th February 2017

Video Day!

Determined to have the video and photo collage, all but complete before our London Trip on the 13th, I completed the video using both historical footage and my own footage that I had taken in the weeks prior to this. Stills from the video are shown below.

11th February 2017

After today’s work, all that is left to do is to stitch using red leather thread.

I completed the photo collage making sure that none of the plastic backing was visible, finally applying wax and emulsion paint to the collage also. Wax and Emulsion were also applied to the artefacts; suitcase, boots, gas mask, jacket and teddy that are to complete the piece.


To make the piece freestanding and stable I fixed a large metal bookend to the base and rear of the suitcase, meaning that the piece is now free standing when placed upon a plinth.

Prior to this I also deconstructed another 30 photographs reading to be added to the photo collage, and I also began to deconstruct the propaganda leaflets I had found on eBay.

I also took photographs from personal accounts in a book called Pillowslips and Gas Masks by Joan Boyce about Liverpool’s war time evacuation.

The plan being to collage the inside of the suitcase with the personal accounts and the propaganda leaflets.

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