Sunday 1st October 2017

I then decided to think about the use of borders in a more abstract way. Given that land is often measured in square miles, I decided that to follow on from my thinking in the 2nd Year, that a cube would be a good vehicle for some artwork. That way, I could then begin to look at Projection Mapping onto the cube in time.

I decided to draw the outline of the North and South Korea map onto some voile that I had bought cheaply at Abakhan. I felt that the voile would serve two purposes; that light could be shone from behind it and also that it could be projected onto.

I dried the voile’s on the washing line at home and this got me thinking about things that we associate with home – or in fact our homeland. Most people would associate the washing line with home and this is leading me onto thinking that these voiles could be larger and hung on a washing line, perhaps on sheets.

My long suffering hubby made a woodwork cube and I attached the voiles to the cube. I had bought a lazy susan to use with this.

I lit the cube from the inside. Potentially I could see this as an installation with several similar cubes, depicting different areas of conflict across the globe.

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