Tuesday 24th October 2017 – Tutorial

I had a really beneficial tutorial with Emrys today, and I felt that I was able to verbalise the position I feel I am in with this project at the moment.

Essentially, I feel that the experimentation is going in lots of different directions and that the project is not focused on one specific direction. My original intention to work towards projection mapping seems further away than ever and I feel like each week I am clutching at straws.

Emrys advised that I need to find that one key aspect to focus upon so that I can move the project forward and that my intention to record video/photography with a common theme and perhaps collect items during my upcoming visit to Scotland may be the thing that provides me with this focused aspect that I can develop towards a final piece.

He also advised that it is okay to ignore tutorial advice at this stage and make my own decisions – this advice I feel has been most beneficial as to date I have been following all tutorial advice and now feel I can begin to form my own way forward for this project.

At this moment in time, I don’t know what that is, and have decided not to make any firm decisions about the project until after I return from Scotland on the 31st October.

Sunday 22nd October 2017

I continued the theme of the journey creating stencils of the road numbers that I travel on between Scotland and Wales.

I also kept the stencils and began to glue them to transparencies so that I could project light through them at a later stage.

I also spent some time manipulating these images further digitally.

Saturday 21st October 2017

Following the theme of maps and taking into consideration the advice provided to my by Emrys at my tutorial on Tuesday, I decided to consider the journey that I am about to make to Scotland and how that journey is the link between the two countries that I have roots in. I decided to go to the Regional Print Centre to do some printing on a road map as a way of depicting the journey made from Scotland to Wales and vice versa.

These prints are purely experimental and most of the decisions made were process driven rather than content driven.

Initially I created some stencils that give the impression of roads, rivers, pathways – ways to journey essentially.

I also spent time digitally manipulating these images.

Thursday 19th October 2017

Having finished my 20:20 Print Exchange piece I have decided to use my left over prints to inform this project. In the first instance though I have done some digital layering with the 20:20 print, my collages of Scotland and Wales and also my ink maps previously created.

Tuesday 17th October 2017

I had a tutorial with Emrys today where we discussed the concept of making connections to each country and finding/recording the country borders. We also discussed my forthcoming trip to Scotland and how I might make video/photograph primary evidence to use as part of this piece and for me to consider the journey between the two as much as any other part.

He advised me to look at Paul Davis and Iwan Bala. See Independent Study 1: Research 

I also spent the afternoon creating two new collages that use photography taken during this project to date and also roads cut from maps.

I then spent some time digitally manipulating the above collage images with a view to creating positives that I can print from.

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