Thursday 7th December 2017

I spent today considering how I might make the chair more sculptural and part of my final piece. I have decided to create a root/route system that juxtaposes the two opposing ideas of rootedness and rootlessness.

Tuesday 5th December 2017

The advice given from Emrys during this tutorial was that he felt the piece lacked context, which I agree, the context, creating connections with the issues of decoupling and migration will be woven into the video in the coming weeks.

The recordings done in the last week of dance and using the stove, Emrys felt didn’t work and on reflection I have decided to keep the suitcase empty, alluding to the feeling of emptiness and loss at the displacement from ones homeland.

He also spoke of my referencing to Contemporary Art Film and that I should include the relvance of current artists working in film to the work that I have produced, in particular John Akomfrah. I did confirm to Emrys that the act of making the landscapes anonymous came about after my Dissertation Research in Auto Da Fe and Tropikos, both by John Akomfrah.

He also again asked me to look at Samuel Beckett and the characters, Molloy, Murphy and Malone. After this advice from Emrys I looked again at Samuel Beckett and the charachters Molloy, Malone and Murphy – and my conclusion from this is that given that I am not a natural comedian – it is difficult for me to bring together an absurd, humorous slant to the video piece I am preparing. Indeed, even to the point of creating a storyline for the video piece. Given that I have already recorded the video clips, I am honestly struggling to produce a story line after the fact to piece my video clips together. I have a concept in my mind, which may be abstract but which to me, raises questions and curiosity. I am content not to answer every question that the video and photography raises and to let the audience fill in the blanks with their own perceptions of what is actually happening.

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