Saturday 2nd December 2017

Recording day – I had decided to place a camp stove  in the suitcase and my ever patient character is going to dance a little in the road. – Who know! – Comedy is not my strong point. Photography and Video recorded here.

Thursday 30th November 2017

After having discussed this piece of work with Helen, I looked into the possibility of using Gaelic as an audio track, given that Gaelic is a language that many consider to be lost.

I downloaded some recordings of translations of words that relate to this subject to use. However, I think they would be better recorded as a whisper. It’ll be difficult to change these to a whisper because whispering and talking use different parts of the voice and this is difficult to replicate technologically. Below are some examples of the sound clips.

Tuesday 28th November 2017

Today at my tutorial, Emrys advised me to consider the potential comedic elements to the video piece. and to consider what might be in the suitcase. I decided to re-record some more  video in an attempt to portray a funnier side to the piece. In practice, however I am not a natural comedian and certainly I don’t write comedy, so this I am finding difficult to achieve.

Emrys also asked me to consider writing a story line to add another layer to the project. Now thinking about what might be in the suitcase and how I can make this piece comedy – this is hurting my head – A LOT!

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