Thursday 23rd November 2017

Today I produced and ordered the Blurb book, Lost which narrates the process so far and brings together the imagery in a form of narrative. The Proofs as a PDF are located here: Proofs_Lost

Tuesday 21st November 2017

I spent this afternoon taking stills from the video’s that I have collected on Saturday.

Saturday  18th November 2017

I spent some time today recording video and taking more photographs. The following photographs give the general direction of my thinking.

Thursday 16th November 2017

I needed to spend some time reflecting on where I am at with this project and how I would like to take it forward. Certainly I am enjoying structuring a narrative of sorts with the visual imagery and I would like to continue building on the story that I have created so far.

I think it is important to have interaction with the objects I am collecting. In the first instance the chair and a suitcase, which I have acquired today for one whole pound – Bargain!

I have re-organised my photographs and now have a clearer view of the two distinct types of photo that I have taken in this project. This has helped me to clarify my thinking further too.

I spent some time taking stills from the video’s I have collected so far in preparation for producing a Blurb book.

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Tutorial with Emrys, we reflected on the nature of the photographs already taken and the fact that there are two distinct types, close ups and landsapes, also the simplicity of the photo.

We also reviewed the video editing work that I had done. Emrys commented that for inclusion in an installation this might be good, however the video conveys a message clearly in the original form.

After discussion with Emrys I now have a clearer plan of the video I need and I am working towards that. In essence creating a journey using the objects that I’ve discussed previously. Andrew is going to oblige and become my subject once again.

Digital Edits from my iPhone below:

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